Marshal Andy and Friends – The Loudon Sessions: Episode 1 01/21/23

The Interview

During this conversation, Marshal Andy and I discussed “Eddy’s Song” and other subjects such as the origins of western swing music and Marshal Andy’s childhood love for B westerns of his youth.

“Eddy’s Song”

The lyrics that make up “Eddy’s Song” contain the titles of Arnold’s best-known songs to that time, intertwined to affirm a man’s dedication to his significant other. Included in the song’s lyrics are the titles of twenty-one number one hits he had achieved as of 1952. The titles are “Lovebug Itch,” “Molly Darling,” “I Wanna Play House With You,” “Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me,” “Bouquet Of Roses,” “Anytime,” “There’s No Wings On My Angel,” “Easy on the Eyes,” “There’s Been a Change in Me,” “A Full Time Job,” “That’s How Much I Love You,” “It’s a Sin,” “What Is Life Without Love,” “Just a Little Lovin’ (Will Go a Long Way),” “Older and Bolder,” “Don’t Ever Take the Ribbons From Your Hair,” “Rockin’ Alone,” “Easy Rockin’ Chair,” “Don’t Rob Another Man’s Castle,” “Chained to a Memory,” “Bundle of Southern Sunshine” and “Cuddle Buggin’ Baby.”

“Eddy’s Song” – Rehearsal

I didn’t realize the video camera was recording while we were preparing to perform the song. I thought it would be neat to include it anyway.

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