Business Hours

Haircuts at Mulberry Street Barber Shop are offered by appointment only.  However, we normally work the following schedule:

  • Sunday – CLOSED
  • Monday – CLOSED
  • Tuesday through Friday – first appointment at 9:00; last appointment at 6:30
  • Saturday – first appointment at 7:00; last appointment at 3:00

If there are no appointments scheduled for 9:00 on a particular weekday or 7:00 on a Saturday, we may or may not be at the barber shop at the above-posted appointment times.  For example, if the first appointment on a Wednesday is not until 10:30, then there is really no mandate for us to be at the shop at 9:00.  Even though one would think that the previous sentence is common sense and goes without saying, I feel the need to mention this because it seems to be the case that, even though the shop has been working by appointments since May 7, 2020, some folks simply cannot let go of the first-come-first-serve, walk-in business model.  People call and ask, “What time do you open?” or “What time do you close?”  I then have to explain that services are offered by appointment only, and we don’t take walk-ins.  So, to clarify…the barber shop opens when the first scheduled appointment of the day arrives; and it closes when the last scheduled appointment of the day arrives.

The barber shop is closed on Independence Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, and will normally close for a few days around Christmas.