Business Hours

Mulberry Street Barber Shop hours of operation are as follows:

  • Sunday – CLOSED
  • Monday – CLOSED
  • Tuesday through Friday – 9:00 until 7:00
  • Saturday – 7:00 until 3:00

The barber shop is closed on Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and will normally close for a few days around Christmas.

Whenever the barbers close the shop for vacation, notice will be posted.

Depending on circumstances, the barber shop may – without advanced notice – close early whenever deemed necessary.  It is not often that we deviate from the posted hours, but circumstances do occasionally require such action.


The barber shop may open late, close early, or not open at all without prior notice when hazardous road conditions exist due to ice or snow. When roads are icy (even if only in Knoxville), it is advised to call before coming to get a haircut (458-4777).