rex_3Rex Mingie, proprietor

Rex began working at the barber shop on August 22nd, 1992.  He worked with the previous proprietor Ted Watts for two years until Ted retired in August of 1994.

Rex is forty-nine years old, lives in Knoxville (in the Karns/Powell area), is married to Nancy Mingie, and has two grown sons – Bradley and Zachary.  His interests are meditation, boxing training, sparring with his youngest son, and watching UFC MMA fights on Saturday evenings.


nik_hulkNik Mingie

When Ted Watts retired in 1994, Nik Mingie (Rex’s brother) began working at the barber shop.  He worked full time for two years and then went to part time as he took a job in Knoxville.  Three years later he returned to full time status at the barber shop.

Nik is forty-seven years old, also lives in Knoxville (Fountain City), is married, and has a son and a daughter.  His interests are lifting weights and art.

Nik didn’t want his picture on the website so I had to be creative….