Appointment Cancellation Policy

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At the end of each day, we take a photo of the next day’s appointment sheet with our cellphone cameras in case circumstances arise which require us to cancel appointments for the next day.  If, for whatever reason, we need to reschedule appointments, we will of course, make an effort to contact customers via our cellphones so that they do not waste a trip to the barber shop. However, preventing a wasted trip to the barber shop is contingent on being able to speak with the customer; and if the customer…

  • Doesn’t answer his phone
  • Doesn’t check voicemails
  • Has a voicemail system that has not been set up
  • Has a voicemail storage allotment that is full
  • Doesn’t check texts

…then there is really not much we can do to prevent the customer from wasting a trip to the barber shop.

Also, customers who arrive only to find that the barber with whom they had scheduled an appointment is not working (because, of course, the customer did not answer his phone) are not guaranteed that the other barber who is working will be able to honor their appointment.

So please, folks, at least check your voicemail and texts the day of your appointment or the day before. It just may be us attempting to contact you. If Rex is attempting to contact you, it will be from a cellphone number with a “660” prefix. If Nik is trying to contact you, his prefix is “805”.