Mulberry Street Barber Shop officially offers only two services: haircuts and beard trims.  Occasionally (maybe once a year) we get a request for a shampoo; but most people wash their own hair in the shower at home; so we don’t list this service on our price list in the barber shop.  We also stopped offering face shaves years ago.  Since the invention of the safety razor that can be bought at any grocery store, there really is no legitimate reason for the average healthy man to pay someone to shave his face.  The fact is we really never like performing face shaves anyway – they are a lot of trouble and hold up the line causing people to have to wait longer.  Head shaves, however, are a different story:  It is more difficult to shave one’s own head; therefore, we do offer head shaves and consider this service a standard haircut.

Anyway, the prices for our two services are as follows:

  • Haircut – $11.00
  • Beard trim – $5.00

On the rare occasion that we are asked to shampoo a customer’s hair, we charge $5.00.