Marshal Andy on Local Television

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It was in 1983 that Smalls began a side gig as Marshal Andy – a cowboy persona host of a weekly television show called Marshal Andy & Riders of the Silver Screen. Having aired on FOX 43 for three years and WTVK (now WVLT) for four years, the show has had an uninterrupted run on the Knoxville PBS station (WKOP Channel 15) since 1990. The show airs each Saturday morning at 10:30 am and features B westerns, serials, and cartoons much as they were featured in Andy’s youth. Musical performances by Marshal Andy and The Riders of the Silver Screen Band are a part of the show as well.

State Representatives Bob Ramsey and Lowell Russell presenting Marshal Andy, The Knoxville Cowboy, with a Colonel Aide de Camp Certificate issued by Gov. Bill Lee. Marshal Andy was recognized for his outstanding achievements and thirty-nine years of making a positive difference in Tennessee at East Tennessee PBS on October 1, 2022.
Marhal Andy on the set of Marshal Andy & Riders of the Silver Screen during an ETPBS fundraising drive.

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