Covid-19 Policies

(If you are visiting this website for the first time, please click here for essential summary information concerning the barber shop.)

Barber shop Covid-19 policies are as follow:

  • Facemasks are optional for customers.
  • I (Rex) will continue to wear a facemask when I am in the shop; however, Nik will only do so if requested. I am occasionally told that masks provide no protection; are therefore useless; and I am wasting my time and resources on this whole mask nonsense. For my rebuttal, click here.
  • If we find ourselves feeling ill, we will take a home covid test. If the test result is negative for covid-19, we may or may not come to work depending on how we feel and will deal with the matter as we would have before the pandemic. If the test is positive, we will follow CDC guidelines in regard to returning to work.

IF YOU ARE FEELING ILL, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE BARBER SHOP! Occasionally, someone will come to the barber shop not feeling well, and they will say something like, “Yeah, I’ve got a ‘summer cold’ I’ve been dealing with.” When asked if they checked for covid-19, they of course report that, no, they have not been tested either at home or at their doctor’s office. The truth is they don’t have a clue what’s wrong with them, and they just assume it’s a common cold. Folks, covid-19 can present symptoms which are the same as the common cold or no symptoms at all, so please get checked if you are ill before going out in public. Influenza, covid-19, strep-throat, or even the common cold – these are all issues we would prefer not to have to deal with if at all possible, so please don’t come to the barber shop if you are sick.

Also, please do not cough or sneeze in the barber shop if you are not wearing a mask. Yes, people still do this. I know it’s hard to believe for those of us who have common sense and are willing to take other people’s well-being into account , but it is indeed true.