Covid-19 Policies

It seems to me that everyone should get vaccinated and wear masks until Covid-19 has been purged from society. I am not, however, king of the castle; and it does not appear that the world has any plans to consult me any time soon.

People are tired of this virus and having to cooperate to control it. At least seventy-five percent of our customers come in without a mask now. Therefore, the barber shop Covid-19 policies are as follow:

  • Facemasks are optional for customers.
  • I (Rex) will continue to wear a facemask when I am in the shop; however, Nik will only do so if requested.
  • If we find ourselves feeling ill, we will take a home Covid test. If the test result is negative for Covid-19, we may or may not come to work depending on how we feel and will deal with the matter as we would have before the pandemic. If the test is positive, we will follow CDC guidelines in regard to returning to work.