Covid-19, Facemasks, and the Barbershop

For an entire year I required facemasks to be worn at the barber shop. That has changed now.

We were pretty much the last holdout on facemasks. The rest of the community gave up, had had enough, and simply stopped wearing them. Also, people were beginning to get a little irritated with having to wear a mask, especially if they had received both doses of their vaccine. “I’m fully vaccinated. Why do I still have to wear this stupid mask?” they would ask. I believe this really became obvious after Governor Lee rescinded the order allowing counties to implement facemask requirements if they wished to do so. When that order ended, people interpreted his action as “The governor said we don’t have to wear masks anymore” or “The governor ended the state facemask mandate.” There never was a state-wide facemask requirement. The only counties in East Tennessee that had facemask mandates were Knox and Sevier.

Although for the time being Nik and I will still wear facemasks when serving customers, they are now allowed to do as they wish concerning masks.

It is my opinion that the practice of wearing facemasks should continue until the majority of the population has been vaccinated. But I’m not king of the castle, and the population didn’t ask me…